Art Deco style in the interior designs     

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Art Deco style in the interior designs

Art Deco or Arte Deco (French Art Deco - short name of the exhibition "L'Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Indu-striels Modernes" - "International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts", held in 1925 in Paris)

Art Deco is the latest chic style of European capitals. "Style Star". The interior of the art deco prevails mixing elements of the Empire, the archaic Egyptian art, exotic Indian and African primitive art.

Art Deco appeared on the wave of neo-classicism. This style is inherent lightness and elegance decor, trying to fit into the high-speed age of modern technology. Interior Art Deco is characterized by straight lines and broken lines, clarity and graphic quality of forms.

Art Deco interiors are usually characterized by glass, ceramics, bronze fabric. Luxurious ocean liners and luxury hotels are the so called “standard” of art deco interiors.

The main colors of Art Deco: ivory, rich brown tones, all shades of gold.