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Wall Painting

One of the good ideas to make your interior really special is the wall painting! You can think of doing wall paintings of some of the interior elem ents, whole wall in special rooms like some interesting wall painting with cartoon characters in a kids room or stylized wall painting (for example a seaside) in a playroom marine st yle. As a subject matter of a wall painting can be a huge number of various visual characters: from classical paintings to the realistic images, or some kind of photo montage wallpapers an d so on. What is also really popular in wall painting is decor ornaments, paintings, which are rimmed by bulky classical architectural elements.

One interesting fact to mention is that you can’t maintain that a certain wall painting techniques are intended for a certain type of room. Boundless fantasy and unconventional idea of a painting artist will allow you to widen the typical widespread ideas. Modern materials and fabric look always nice and are stable to any impact and are really practical.

What really interesting with wall painting is that it can solve some really important space questions. Wall paintings can visually divide a room for several ce rtain zones. Also decorative paintings can hide some wall defects of imperfections.

The price for wall paintings usually depends on various issues – how complicated the painting will be, the whole work content (how many square feet will be covered by w all painting), the type of painting (whether it is the interior paint for walls, exterior painting, in a dry or a humid room), the height of the building and on what height the painting will be… etc.

Watch the gallery of artistic wall painting ideas.

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Wall painting ideas for kids room – Gallery.

wall painting