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The yellow color in the interior

the optimal color in the interior. This color is the least tiring. It stimulates the eyes and nervous activity, activates the motor centers, causing a joyful mood. Muted yellow color has a positive effect on mental activity, it helps to moderate tones and intellectual work.

The yellow color in the apartment

Do not use it on the big major surfaces: walls, floor and ceiling tiles in the bathroom. In such quantities it would be too active, and can be annoying press, because sometimes we want to relax,, but nothing good will come out of it. You will be hard without a complete redesign of the interior to change the concept, because yellow color in interior in any combination will be bright and challenging. Therefore, it is better to add it in the form of accessories, or separate furniture lines, if not a full suite of several items. For example, in the kitchen it could be curtains, kitchenware, lampshades, napkin, tablecloth, seating on stools. In the living room - vases, flower pots, candles, pillows on the couch. In the bathroom - Wool, rug, towels, cups.

Kitchen, Yellow color in the interior of a kitchen

The yellow color in the interior cheers up. Its cheerfulness is contagious, it brings to a kitchen a really good mood. No wonder that in Asia yellow is the color of happiness and bliss. Yellow kitchen, of course, will look warm and cozy. For housewives it is a great stimulant for cooking - a good mood and energy charge is provided.

Living room, yellow color in the interior of the living room

If you do a livingroom with a lot of yellow ...
1. This will be considered too lightly, and undignified.
2. Such room will look too hot
3. The bright atmosphere will continue to attract attention and you won’t be able to concentrate on reading books or watching TV. It is better to place small accents, and you will be considered as original and cheerful person and you will fill the pleasure of the color itself in the interior of a living room.

Children's room, the yellow color in the nursery

Children are very fond of yellow. This is a bright, warm and cheerful color for the nursery. It simulates the activity and communication skills, helps to keep the physical tone, and this is exactly what we need for the versatile development of children. Taking into account the impact of yellow color on the intelligence, use it to design training site. In combination with red, yellow can enhance the thirst for knowledge and encourage the child to explore something new.

Bathroom, yellow color in the interiors of bathrooms

For a closed space yellow color is not suitable and may even be dangerous. But if we limit ourselves only to accessories, the bathroom will be warmer in the morning and the eye will catch hold for portions of pep for the next day.

A bedroom, a yellow color in the interior of a bedroom

Just like orange, yellow color for the bedroom is not suitable. It will not give allow you to relax. However, if you would like to have some warmth and sun, buy a set of yellow linen or several pillow and reach for them sometimes to rise the mood.