The red color in the interior.     

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The red color in the interior.

The red color in the interior stimulating, warming, active and vibrant color. Red penetrates and activates all the functions of the body. For a short time, increases muscle tension (doping), the pressure increases and accelerates the breathing rhythm. The presence in the interior accents of red uplifting and gives cheerfulness. The red color is associated with the emotions of love and joy. For a long time red color is associated with passion and fire.

Red, being the most attractive and outspoken, from ancient times is considered as an essential component of holidays and the accompanying attributes of power, which is due, among other things, the high cost of fabric, painted in this color

The same meaning has the red color in the interior. The red color is a way to attract attention and create a special emotional effect and that's why it is used by many famous interior designers for interior decoration of hotels, restaurants and other public places.

Should be remembered that a long stay in the red room can cause irritation and negative emotions. Therefore, as a rule, the red color is introduced into the residential interiors with small doses in the form of individual pieces of furniture color stains on the walls, textiles and decorative details. The presence of red accents in the interior is uplifting and gives cheerfulness.

Combinations of red color in the interior

The typical combination of red black and white looks effectively. White-gray-black interior looks strictly and elegant, especially with splashes of different shades of red.