Orange Color in the interior     

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Orange Color in the interior

The orange color in the interior is refreshing, lively, impulsive color in the interior. Orange color acts in the same direction as the red - it improves digestion, promotes a sense of liberation from oppression. It contributes to heart palpitations and increased blood pressure, improves blood circulation.

The orange color immediately attracts attention, in moderation raises thoughts of joy, fun and bright sun, creating a sense of wellbeing, and sometimes even euphoria. It is the color of energy, vitality and optimism.

If you feel fatigue, apathy, lack of sentiment and desire to do anything, get the orange blankets and pillows, glue the orange notó sheets on the computer, place the dish with tangerines or oranges in the kitchen. You can use different shades of orange. For example, pastel orange (almost peach) is associated with freshness and health, it is soft and unobtrusive.

The darker orange color, with brown tone gives a sense of well-being and stability. These colors are very well suited for the bedroom and living room, as they are calm and noble, and even in large quantities will not be annoying or irritating. Remember that the orange color in interior is able to spread to other lighter colors, so if you want to highlight some white, do it away from the orange. Even with a small light that color makes a room brighter and brighter.

Kitchen. The orange color in the kitchen interior

Orange kitchen - it's very cozy and warm place. This color stimulates digestion and improves appetite. Orange color combined with the wood in interior looks really cosy. With natural wood you will have the style of a light rustic "country", but with a dark brown wood - a stylish and respectable dining room.

living room. The orange color in the living room

If you are a mobile, active and energetic person, and your whole family always gets together, celebrating the noisy feasts and loves to watch funny movies together, the bright orange living room - this is for you. And if you want to create a soft and generous atmosphere, the orange can be used as accessories with very light or white walls and brown furniture.

Children room, kidsroom. The orange color in the nursery

It is believed that the orange color - a bright, perky and a bit direct color. With this color you can encourage the child to the research activities if we apply it to anything on the training site. The orange color is able to strengthen the will - so, if your child plays sports, add the orange in his sports area. Orange color is better combined in interior with: yellow, beige and red (but the red should be quite a bit). Avoid sharp contrast with the combination of green, bright blue, black.

Bathroom. The orange color in the bathroom

orange color will look gaudy in a confined space. If you combine white tiles with orange accents and accessories, the bathroom will look clean and modern; and if you add bright accents , it will keep you in shape, which is pretty good in the morning. If, on the other hand, you will combine the orange color with a warm beige or pastel colors, the bathroom becomes a warm and comfortable - even in the crisp, cold shower you will not be cold.

Bedroom. The orange color in the bedroom

For a bedroom orange color is too bright and exciting, it will not let sit back and relax. However, the researchers found that the orange color is capable of supporting sexuality. So a few orange accessories in the bedroom will hurt nobody. Small touches of orange color (shade, flowers in a vase, decorative pillow and blanket, etc.) in soft purple background all of them look very stylish and at the same time, creating a relaxed atmosphere. In this environment, you can forget about all the serious cases.

Cabinet. The orange color in the interior of a working cabinet

If you are mostly creativity, the orange color will be very useful here, because it stimulates mindedness. And for visitors, it seems too obsessive and unserious, so for the business negotiations it is better not to use it.