Green Color in the interior     

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Green Color in the interior

This color is physiologically optimal in the interior. It reduces blood pressure, dilates capillaries and increases muscular performance for a long time. Acts opposite to the red color. Lovers of dark green stubborn and persistent. And in combination with gold green color in interior is the color of wealthy businessmen.

Examples of green color combinations in interiors:

red - green, gray, blue
Yellow - Purple, blue, green
Violet - Light and dark shades of green


Light green (pastel) color gives coolness to the environment - it saves you a lot of appetite. Green color with the predominant yellow in interior is really suitable to organize a warm and cozy atmosphere in a room. It gives energy and improves mood.

Green color in a Living room

If you make a living room mostly in shades of green, it will create a languid atmosphere. Therefore it is better to limit green accessories or furniture, and let the walls and the floor be light (white, soft gold, light blue). Then you get emotionally easy, relaxed room, spacious and bright, where you can escape from daily activities and just relax.

Kids room

for children is important not to "overdo it" with a green color - otherwise they will be bored in their room. It is better to use combination of rich warm green with bright yellow - it is on the one hand, will keep the child's emotional peace, on the other, give a lot of positive feelings and good humor.

Green color in a Bedroom interior

green color in the interior has an excellent soporific effect, it has beneficial effects on the nervous system, calms the eye, gives a feeling of freshness, clarity, peace and tranquility. For the bedroom - this is a great option. Low-key and dull green wallpaper, curtains and light green light green bedding will help you relax and a good sleep. In the context of a bedroom designed to reassure and to promote proper rest, suitable as a deep color "navy" (green with a touch of blue).

bathroom. The green color in the interior of a bathroom

green color in the bathroom interior should be used carefully, because by itself it is perceived as a "wet" and "cold". Therefore, it is best to combine it with a "warm" and "dry" colors: yellow, gold, beige. In the fully dark-green bathroom, especially if it is small in size, you will fill a bit scary - dark and uncomfortable, as at the bottom of the miry clay.

Cabinet or workplace.

Green color in the interior is very well suited for rooms, especially business. The combination of dark green and gold colors in the interior historically considered to represent wealth and respectability. Even better, if it's an emerald and malachite tints. In the green walls is easier to make decisions, conclusions, and selections from several options. It helps focus, making the perception of a more concentrated. This color will emphasize your authority and ability to correctly assess any situation.