Blue color in the interior     

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Blue color in the interior

basic shades of blue are light blue or light blue and dark blue or indigo. It's shades of carelessness, romance, and characters of peace and tranquility.

Blue has antiseptic and antibacterial properties, contributes to growth. It is recommended for the treatment of emotional and nervous individuals. Prolonged exposure to blue might drive a person into depression. It is the favorite color of the Art Deco and Empire interiors.

Living room. The blue color in the interior of the living room

It is possible to make the living room in shades of blue, as in this room usually geather the whole family with friends, and blue color like almost everyone. But it requires a completely different hue, a shade more periwinkle, which has internal warmth. The same can be said about the blue-green tones. They like many people, besides, they look more welcoming than a pure blue color.

Kitchen. The blue color in the kitchen

The blue color can cool it. A classic color for the kitchen blue color has a huge potential. After all, the blue color can be implemented as furniture facades and lots of accessories made ??of ceramics and fabrics. But Feng Shui doesn't recommended to draw up the kitchen in this color as the food, especially raw foods, the blue-blue background does not always it to look appetizing. However, European cuisine is often designed in a creamy and blue colors, in such combinations it doesn't reduce appetite.

Children. The blue color in the interior of child

presence of blue tones in the interior space gives it the elegance and nobility. But as the color blue belongs to the cool tones, then it must be combined with some warm colors - red, yellow or peach. Orange color can also be used as a complement to blue color in interior. These options are suitable for nursery rooms.

Bedroom. The blue color in the interior of a bedroom

bedroom in blue - the perfect solution for a person living in a big city. Of course, if owner of the house is not prone to melancholy and depression. After all, blue color in interior is able to plunge these people into despair.

Bathroom. The blue color in the interior of a bathroom

Blue is very natural for the premises where water is present. Bathroom is often the last place of privacy, especially when children are present at home. If you are fond of water treatment and prefer to rest and restore forces in the bathroom, blue color is for you. But it needs to be balance with the warm colors. If you do not do that, it will seem like cold around, but this is not the best feeling when you have nothing but towels on.

The combination of blue color in the interior with the other colors

combination of cold blue to warm red looks quite harmoniously, and sometimes even can look bright and saturated. Blue and yellow - it's more a classic combination, so to speak, "water and sun." This color will give your room a cheerful appearance. The color will be more successful if it is based on the muted colors.