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Light Blue color in the interior

Light Blue color with all its tints creates an impression of open space, depth and coolness. It relaxes the nervous system, increases the ability to work more than the green color, helps to reduce muscle tonus and blood pressure. This color is especially good for people with increased nervous irritability.

Light Blue color in interior calms, allowing to focus, lowers blood pressure, calms the heart rate, slows down respiratory rate, lowers the temperature of the body, helps with insomnia, nervous disorders. This is a color that evokes a feeling of well-being associated with the reliability and consistency.

If you want to lose weight - make the blue kitchen, appetite decreased significantly. This color is well suited for romantic people engaged in creative work, whose work does not require a rush, proactive, quick decision-making.

Light Blue color in bedroom interior.
The color blue is widely used in the design of bedrooms, as it promotes relaxation and recreation. If you love to relax in the bedroom, the blue color is perfect for you.